[links-list] Re: Elinks 0.4pre4, a wishlist, [POOL] Config file format II.

clemensF ino-waiting at gmx.net
Wed Apr 3 14:24:08 PST 2002

> Petr Baudis:

> Dear diary, on Wed, Apr 03, 2002 at 10:46:42PM CEST, I got a letter,
> where clemensF <ino-waiting at gmx.net> told me, that...
> > > set menu.1.field2.action = "something-cool"
> > > set bind.something-cool = "Alt-C"
> > 
> > if the .<digit>. things weren't be hard-coded, that would be ideal.
> And how that should be done then? How would you distinguish between several
> own menus, several scripts etc?

that would be the users responsibility, of course.  if he picks option
without renumbering them accordingly, it simply won't work, abort with a
message or use a default layout or whatever.  the "system" or "vendor"
supplied numbers would have their own range of numbers, of course.

this way, users could do away with menues he doesn't like or put others at
their spaces, you know what i mean?  or swap menue spaces etc.

> It's only graphical representation of the generic options structure. That two
> models above are only about the form of its representation in config file :).

i think i understood that.  but now that you remind me, i'm not so sure
anymore :)

clemens fischer
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