[links-list] sending url to links from another program

Joost Kremers j.kremers at let.kun.nl
Wed Apr 17 15:06:40 PDT 2002

hi all,

i'm new to links, (well, actually elinks). i'm very pleased with the
app (and actually a little surprised that it existed at all ;-) but i
do have one question. with graphical browsers, it is usually possible
to send a url to an already running instance of the browser. something
like `opera -remoteURL...' is this somehow possible with links, or can
you only start up another instance? the man page said something about
-base-session, but i dont think that does what i want.

so is this possible, or is someone working on it?

and if i decide to try and implement it myself, which version of
(e)links should i use as a starting point? i'm running elinks 0.3.0
but perhaps it'd be better to use a development version?


Joost Kremers
Life has its moments

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