[links-list] Re: New Window (ncurses)

flynn at engsoc.queensu.ca flynn at engsoc.queensu.ca
Tue Apr 30 16:04:16 PDT 2002

On Tue, Apr 30, 2002 at 07:17:36PM -0300, eeprom at bol.com.br wrote:

> Links can open a new 'instance' of itself inside a new window in X. But is
> Links capable of openning a new 'window' inside the existing NCurses
> interface of a given terminal? I'm not a X user, and the "open-new-window"
> and "open-link-in-new-window" actions aren't of grate use for me. No use
> at all. I was really surprised to see that these options only work on the
> X Window System. Can someone tell me why should I use Links on a X Window
> System?

They could be made to work within GNU screen, with each new 'instance'
running "screen links URL" instead of "xterm -e links URL".

Would require only a minimal source change, or might be possible with
LUA (something I'm not very familiar with).

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