[links-list] Re: Missing Eastern European characters?

Martin Pergel mper7437 at artax.karlin.mff.cuni.cz
Thu Aug 1 04:13:09 PDT 2002


On Mon, 29 Jul 2002, Josef 'Jupp' Schugt wrote:

> > I belive that the reason is, that we didn't find suitable letters.
> > It was discussed some time ago, that we need png-picture of size
> > approximately 100x100, which is in some cases problem.
> If I manage to create such graphics: Where to send them?
> > I hope, that if you (or anybody else) find any missing character
> > and  send us a picture, how should it look (normal font, monospace
> > font...),
> That's not the whole story, it is also necessary to provide its
> unicode number.

     Karel (as he wrote graphics) thought out the most simple way I can
imagine. In the distribution, there is directory graphics containing
subdirectory font. There are several subdirs, each containing one font (as
I remember). Each character is named by
<four-hexadecimal-numbers of its uni-code>.png (uni-code like ASCII-code
B-) - that's why you need libpng to run links with graphics). Then there
is script gen in graphics directory, which should generate file
font_include.c. After this, you recompile Links and new characters should
be contained in font you added it to. This procedure is (as usual)
without any warranty!

     Graphic-properties were developed by Karel and Brain (clock at atrey...,
brain at artax...). Because I didn't write it, I can't be sure exactly how to
add characters (that's why I said, that character-adding procedure in
previous paragraph is without any warranty), so if anybody send pictures
of character in good resolution to me, I'll forward it (probably to
Karel). As I said, good resolution is around 60x120 pixels (current
pictures of characters are 60x120 in monospace and should be
<something-close-to-60>x120 in others. If anyone of you wants to add some
character, please ensure, that it will look nice in text (because I don't
remember whether Links has kerning, I belive that boxes are pasted one
after another) - I mean mainly such problems like begin of character
crammed into previous character or white-hole between two consecutive
characters in text.

> This is going off-topic but may be interesting: Most Germans also
> don't know that there were three different versions...

     Thank you, it was rather interesting (at least for me). B-)

     Have a nice day

P. S.: If you want to add some character, I hope, that you know its
unicode. If you don't know it, it will be appreciated if you find it (e.
g. near www.unicode.org/charts/, but we find missing characters typically
on pages which test it and there is uni-code of the missing character
usually next to symbol of missing character. B;-)

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