[links-list] Solaris oddities

William Yodlowsky wyodlows at andromeda.rutgers.edu
Tue Aug 6 09:22:16 PDT 2002


First let me say that I've test driven every browser I have found, and
links is the best!  links -g is quick, small, fast and renders pages
very nicely.  Great work and thanks to the developers  :)

It works flawlessly for me on BSD, but on Solaris...  I found a post 
with similar troubles here:


The 'paste' key on a Sun keyboard prints a "g" inside links, Ctrl and
Shift by themselves often cause links to go back one page, and pasting
(Shift+MiddleButton) pastes things that are not on the clipboard any

And for some reason SSL is broken on Solaris, while it works fine on
BSD.  It was linked with OpenSSL 0.9.6b and (now) 0.9.6e, and did not
work with either.

I've tried using 2.1pre2 compiled from sources, as well as downloading
the precompiled Solaris binary of 2.0 - they both do the same things.

Is there anything I can do to help resolve these issues?

Thanks in advance.

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