[links-list] Re: Rendering of SGML and super/subscripts

Steve White swhite at zipcon.net
Sat Aug 10 16:32:51 PDT 2002

Sorry, David,

You're quite wrong.  The SGML Greek characters are not meant 
for representing the Greek language.  They are for math.

You will find in the documentation for HTML 4 SGML entities
under section 24.3 the following comment.

	"When to use Greek entities. This entity set contains all the
	letters used in modern Greek. However, it does not include Greek
	punctuation, precomposed accented characters nor the non-spacing
	accents (tonos, dialytika) required to compose them. There are no
	archaic letters, Coptic-unique letters, or precomposed letters for
	Polytonic Greek. The entities defined here are not intended for
	the representation of modern Greek text and would not be an
	efficient representation; rather, they are intended for occasional
	Greek letters used in technical and mathematical works."

The correct way to represent Greek text is to specify a character 
encoding, such as iso-8859-7 or UTF-8, which supports the Greek
alphabet entirely.

You will find that links transliterates characters from iso-8859-7 
when used on a terminal that doesn't support this character set.
See my page <http://www.zipcon.net/~swhite/docs/computers/browsers/greek.html>

On Sun, 11 Aug 2002 00:19:55 +0200 ,
David Mediavilla <r96x6a79yki40001 at sneakemail.com> wrote
>	Tsk, tsk. Doesn't that mean that every page in Greek is spelled out?
>There two cases:
>-	Greek letters are used as symbols, as in mathematics. It would be good
>to spell the symbols instead of transliterating.
>-	Greek text, either full page or as a quotation in, say, a French
>lecture on Greek philosophy. Transliteration is the best effort if the
>codepage doesn't support Greek letters.
>	How to tell I don't know but Steve seems to hint that when Greek is
>used as a symbol it is escaped either as γ or Ӓ. So the
>conversor from escape code to Unicode symbol is the place to code, not
>the renderer of Unicode into 7-ASCII.
>	There is left the case of small chunks of Greek that are typed with
>escape codes within a foreing text.

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