[links-list] Re: Rendering of SGML and super/subscripts

Petr Baudis pasky at pasky.ji.cz
Sun Aug 11 11:35:12 PDT 2002

Dear diary, on Sun, Aug 11, 2002 at 01:32:51AM CEST, I got a letter,
where Steve White <swhite at zipcon.net> told me, that...
> Sorry, David,
> You're quite wrong.  The SGML Greek characters are not meant 
> for representing the Greek language.  They are for math.
> You will find in the documentation for HTML 4 SGML entities
> 	<http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/sgml/entities.html>
> under section 24.3 the following comment.
> 	"When to use Greek entities. This entity set contains all the
> 	letters used in modern Greek. However, it does not include Greek
> 	punctuation, precomposed accented characters nor the non-spacing
> 	accents (tonos, dialytika) required to compose them. There are no
> 	archaic letters, Coptic-unique letters, or precomposed letters for
> 	Polytonic Greek. The entities defined here are not intended for
> 	the representation of modern Greek text and would not be an
> 	efficient representation; rather, they are intended for occasional
> 	Greek letters used in technical and mathematical works."
> The correct way to represent Greek text is to specify a character 
> encoding, such as iso-8859-7 or UTF-8, which supports the Greek
> alphabet entirely.
> You will find that links transliterates characters from iso-8859-7 
> when used on a terminal that doesn't support this character set.
> See my page <http://www.zipcon.net/~swhite/docs/computers/browsers/greek.html>

The thing is that your patch changes transliteration from unicode to 7bit - the
transliteration from SGML entities to unicode is still same, and I believe that
it ends up as same unicode codes (thus same transliteration) as standart greek
encoding, doesn't it?

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