[links-list] Re: [ANNOUNCE] elinks-0.4pre14

Totally Hardcore Communists root at pb194.luban.sdi.tpnet.pl
Wed Aug 14 10:44:40 PDT 2002

> I have also encountered situations where an image is not completely
> loaded when using links. Be we run through one Squid here so I don't
> know if it's not Squid's bug.
it is not
i have it often when i run
it is cgi-bin script which generates image, links patiently wait for whole
to download, downloads, but displays only half or less.
dunno. when i click reload i usually have image refreshed (when over
squid) but nature of this cgi-script is to generate different image each
time ( so it is obvious that
i see only fragments of images...

(and again - 'refresh' meta tag is set to infinite and can't be increased,
so pages with frames with slowly updating webcams don't work)

dunno how links handle jpg's which are 'pushed' from servers (aka 'live
streams') i had webcam in this technique and it worked only in mozilla and
netscape (most browsers missed that jpg was pushed, so it is not single
image, but stream, and need to be sucked again and refreshed)

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