[links-list] ELinks and OpenSSL configuration??

Cristiano Guadagnino cris at cmb2000.it
Fri Jan 4 15:18:57 PST 2002

Hi all,

I have just compiled ELinks v0.3pre2 on OS/2 *with* SSL
(using OpenSSL 0.9.6). It works perfectly, but whenever I
try to access a secured site (that is, via HTTPS protocol)
it stays in the "connecting..." state forever. I had a
similar experience some time ago when I tried to compile
Links v0.96 with OpenSSL.

Now, given that I don't know absolutely anything about how
to use OpenSSL, is there something I am missing? Is it
supposed to work right out of the box, or does it needs
some configuration steps?

I heard about certificates, also about an "openssl.cnf"
file, but don't know much more beyonf that. I am under the
impression that certificates are needed only if you want to
set up a server with SSL, but I may be completely wrong.
And what about the "openssl.cnf" file? Anybody can help?

Thankyou, and sorry for the slight off-topic. I'd like to
understand if the binary is working correctly, so that I
can release it for OS/2ers to enjoy.



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