[links-list] Re: ELinks and OpenSSL configuration??

Martin Brunzel Martin.B at gmx.de
Fri Jan 4 21:56:16 PST 2002

Hi Cristiano,

On Sam, 05 Jan 2002, Cristiano Guadagnino wrote:

>I have just compiled ELinks v0.3pre2 on OS/2 *with* SSL
>(using OpenSSL 0.9.6). It works perfectly, but whenever I
>try to access a secured site (that is, via HTTPS protocol)
>it stays in the "connecting..." state forever. I had a
>similar experience some time ago when I tried to compile
>Links v0.96 with OpenSSL.

That's what I've experienced, too. After using HTTPS for two or three
days it seemed as if it'd get much faster. By now (just tested) There's
almost no difference between HTTP and HTTPS.

>Now, given that I don't know absolutely anything about how
>to use OpenSSL, is there something I am missing? Is it
>supposed to work right out of the box, or does it needs
>some configuration steps?

Oh, I didn't configure anything, to be honest. Knowing that gpg fetches
missing keys without any help from user, I'd guess that these longer
periods of time are just the time to get the certificates for the forst
time. Maybe you can test whether a second call of the page is faster?
If I remember correctly, it was like this. Don't take this as fact, it's
-as already told- only theory ;-)....


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