[links-list] Re: probable bug in elinks: wrong < and > interpretation

clemensF ino-waiting at gmx.net
Sat Jan 5 06:38:58 PST 2002

> Peter Wang:

> function pre_format_html_hook (url, html)
> 	.
> 	.    
>     -- put all .htm* pages through HTML Tidy
>     elseif sstrfind (url, ".htm") then
>         return pipe_read ("cat << UGLY_HACK_EOF | tidy 2>/dev/null\n"..html..
>                           "\nUGLY_HACK_EOF")
>     end

this would be the way to go, but, as stated, this will only work for
pages that are basically "ok". for example, my page had numerous
unclosed <li> (list item) tags. tidy reported these and other problems
as too severe to enter the "output-tidy-source" phase.

but maybe these errors can be skipped by using a special option in
/etc/tidy_config.txt.  but i don't which one...


  error-file: /tmp/tidy.err
  show-warnings: no
  quiet: yes

afterwards check if the error-file is non-empty. if so, there's propably
no valid output. these options can be set on the command-line, so in
the above piece of code from peter wang, "tidy" would be replaced by
"tidy --error-file /tmp/tidy.err --show-warnings no --quiet" (not really

clemens fischer
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