[links-list] Re: selection w/ mouse

R. Douglas Barbieri doug at dooglio.net
Fri Jan 11 09:33:38 PST 2002

Hi guys,

This is my first post to this list, I believe. Great browser guys--in 
fact, the best text-only browser I've ever used.

Often, I run Links in console mode along with gpm. It would be nice to be 
able to send mouse clicks down to Links in console mode in order to 
browse to links and access the menu. Does anyone know how to get this set 
up? I would love to be able to use the mouse more extensively in console 

PS: Is this totally off topic? If so, please accept my apologies. If you
like, reply to me personally:  doug at dooglio.net


On Mon, 7 Jan 2002, Atte Andre Jensen wrote:

> On 7 Jan 2002, Daouda LO wrote:
> > Atte Andre Jensen <atte at wanadoo.nl> writes:
> > > Thanks that works :-) But what if I wanna paste something to links from
> > > another selection?? Normally I would select what ever I want to copy, then
> > > click middle button (the wheel) where I wanna paste it to...
> >
> > Same as for copying:
> > hold the shift key then click middle button.
> Sorry, that also works [blush]. Are you gonna believe me if I say I did
> try this, but didn't realize you have to place the cursor on the field to
> which you want to copy first??? I'm gonna shut up for a while now...
> --
> Atte

R. Douglas Barbieri
doug at dooglio.net

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