[links-list] [ANNOUNCE] elinks-0.2.2 and elinks-0.3pre3

Petr Baudis pasky at pasky.ji.cz
Wed Jan 23 18:11:39 PST 2002


  I'm happy to announce the new release of both stable and unstable branch of
elinks. They are available for download at http://pasky.ji.cz/elinks/.  For
elinks-0.2.2, this release consist obviously only from bugfixes, and it should
be really pretty stable now :). Elinks-0.3pre3 is, on the contrary, bigger jump
towards - IPv6 support mainly, but also various bugfixes and tiny nice features
and cleanups. List of changes follows.


* bugfix of fix for relative links containing query string
* parse_http_date() didn't parse one valid date format
* mktime() fix - cookies expiration date was wrong by YOUR_TZ-GMT
* URL parsing fixes


* error message when trying to launch external textarea editor from slave term
* fix for relative links containing query string
* IPv6 support! yes! bugs for you, hunt, fetch me!
* option for highlighting of directories in file:// directory listing
* don't chmod(0700) ~/.links everytime (POLL: should that go to 0.2 as well?)
* mktime() fix - cookies expiration date was wrong by YOUR_TZ-GMT
* some internal support for coming bookmarks filtering patch
* runtime fix for HPUX - as a patch in contrib/
* submit form in link menu for each form's item
* cyclic scrolling in menus
* selection of items in menus by leading letter
* allow reading of special (non-regular) files

  To the future of elinks-0.3 - now I'm slowly starting to think about making
it stable enough (there are probably still some bugs in the resolver), so the
only major feature I would be happy to have in elinks-0.3 and which is still
missing is bookmark filtering - and we are slowly tuning it up with Zas now,
hopefully it will get its way to CVS soon. Then, there will be hopefully last
prerelease and feature freeze for a week or two - and if there will be no enorm
number of bugs, we will consider it stable and slip to 0.4-pre and start to
urge Jan Sembera to finish main work on HTTP_AUTH ;-).

  OBTW, as many of you are complaining for the low speed of my site (true, it's
just 64kbit), I'm looking for some nice site which would be able to mirror my
CVS by rsync and host elinks' homepage (+ autogenerate nightly snapshots) - now
I'm looking forward one possible target, we'll see next week if I will be lucky

Happy bugs hunting,


				Petr "Pasky" Baudis

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