[links-list] Re: Mouse and language suggestions

clemensF ino-waiting at gmx.net
Mon Jan 28 09:01:20 PST 2002

> Frédéric L. W. Meunier:

> And maybe a --enable-languages (=french,greek would ony build
> them and the default english) so that you can specify which
> translations are included in the binary. --disable-languages
> would only include the default english support. Currently I

while we're at it, also change the "Accept" header sent to the server
according to the languages the user wants and has, because there are
servers out there which, out of fear of a buffer overun attack, reject to
serve requests with headers longer than a few hundred bytes, which is well
the case with the current links build.

> have to remove all intl/*.lng, maintain english.lng, edit
> intl.txt, and run synclang.

what's synclang?

clemens fischer
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