[links-list] other bugs (sorry for the separate file)

Peter Gervai grin at tolna.net
Wed Jan 30 03:35:43 PST 2002

I missed the other page. Some more.

 Subject: links-ssl: segfaults if non-existant local file specified as a frame

 <frameset><frame src="/this-local-file-does-not-exists"></frameset>

 calling external viewer on pictures:

 [...]/tmp/linksGzeiss not loaded: missing extension

 This could be fixed by making Links append a viewer-specific
 suffix to the name of the temporary file.  The "Association"
 dialog would get a new field "Suffix of temporary file".
 I would then associate the type image/png with the command
 "gliv %" and the suffix ".png"; Links would save the file as
 /tmp/linksGzeiss.png, and gliv would display it properly.

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