[links-list] links -g + unclutter (+ ion) - not a real problem

Alexandra Walford chroma at delusion.de
Sat Jun 1 17:47:19 PDT 2002

Hi there,

[CC'd to the ion wm list for interest's sake.]

A strange thing occurs when links -g (i.e. in graphical mode) has the
mouse pointer, is not active, and unclutter hides the mouse cursor
(sends a pseudo EnterNotify, according to the unclutter man page).
Especially occurs when using one of the query_* ion window manager
functions or when using multiple frames (ion frames, not web page
frames) and focus is in another frame (but the pointer is over links).

As soon as unclutter hides the mouse pointer, links grabs focus away
from the client that had focus or the query_* prompt.  If this occurs
when I'm trying to use a query_* function, the prompt will not receive
any keypresses (e.g. esc, return, alphanumerics... - links gets them
all) until I leave that workspace and come back to it again.  No other
application that I run will grab the focus in this way when unclutter
hides the pointer; not rxvt, not sylpheed, not *shudder* mozilla, not
ickle... etc.

Solution: running 'unclutter -noevents' :) So this is mostly an
informational mail and nothing is seriously buggy.  (Which I'm
pathetically grateful for, since I love links and ion and unclutter ;) )

[For those that don't know, unclutter is an app that hides the mouse
pointer after a few seconds.]
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