[links-list] Re: [dhdurgee at bellatlantic.net: Color support in Links 2.0 pre 1 and other issues]

Petr Baudis pasky at pasky.ji.cz
Mon Jun 10 15:08:07 PDT 2002

> The first item relates to the color support in Links.  I see entries
> in the links.cfg related to color, but see nothing documenting how to
> change them.  On my monitor a "white" background works much better. I
> use the following settings with Lynx, perhaps you can tell me how I
> can accomplish something similar with Links:
> COLOR:0:black:white
> COLOR:1:blue:white
> COLOR:2:yellow:blue
> COLOR:3:green:white
> COLOR:4:magenta:white
> COLOR:5:blue:white
> COLOR:6:yellow:white
> COLOR:7:magenta:cyan

Hmh, you mean, to remap some colors to others? Well, that's not supported now,
but I would probably accept some nice patch to ELinks ;).

> I also use the Lynx options LINKS_ARE_NUMBERED:TRUE and the
> LINKS_AND_FORM_FIELDS_ARE_NUMBERED:TRUE to allow me to quickly jump
> among links and fields.  Is such an option available for Links?

Not now. Again, patch welcomed.

> I also use Lynx to access one newsgroup, but it appears that this is
> not a current Links option.  Is this on the list for the future?

Maybe, but with almost unnoticable priority.

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