[links-list] Re: links still doesn't fill paragraphs to the screen's width!

David B Harris dbarclay10 at yahoo.ca
Fri Jun 14 04:15:44 PDT 2002

(Sorry to all list-subscribers for feeding this flamethread)

On 14 Jun 2002 01:08:08 +0200
"clemensF" <ino-waiting at gmx.net> wrote:
> i can tell you why i complain to links!  use that same URL in lynx,
> and you will notice reading such a paragraph is a breeze.  it just
> doesn't make sense to fill paragraphs with margins larger than the
> screen-width, can't you see that?

Well, that means Lynx either has a bug which happens to make something
look better in this case, or it has a specific workaround. I think :)

> i can't understand this attitude.  do you really want to sacrifice the
> usability of a tool for some sense of purity?

Actually, they're suggesting quite the opposite. One can't simply ignore
 , they're whitespace which is typically important to a document's

Now, you can _try_ to put in workaround, but have you looked at Links
source lately? The harder it is to maintain, the less it will improve
over time.

Last, but not least, that aforementioned workaround could very well make
other, well-written HTML look bad. There are times when Links just does
_NOT_ have enough space to display something. So it goes off the screen,
and one uses [ and ] to scroll.

If there are two options; let badly-written HTML render in an unideal
way, or make well-written HTML render in an unideal way, which would you

> this was no bug-report.  i sent an URL demonstrating a deficiency of
> the otherwise very valuable tool called links, you arrogant majesty!

For some values of "deficiency". :)

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