[links-list] Re: [dhdurgee at bellatlantic.net: Color support in Links 2.0 pre 1 and other issues]

Petr Baudis pasky at pasky.ji.cz
Fri Jun 14 12:03:24 PDT 2002

Dear diary, on Wed, Jun 12, 2002 at 08:48:50PM CEST, I got a letter,
where Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters <theweirdo at subdimension.com> told me, that...
> Nay. When the option is enabled, the user may type the number of
> the link ey wants; on the first press of a numeric key, a cute
> little dialogue appears waiting for more, or for the user to
> accept or dismiss the current value.

Oh, that's it :). Well, I don't like it a lot anyway, as I'm used to type
<repeatcount><key> to proceed some action x-times.

> OT: 'Tis interesting to note that Links 2.0 follows the chosen link,
> but ELinks merely selects it.

I believe ELinks' action is better; it's not much effort to press enter once
again, and you can use this even to jump quickly between various parts of a
document this way.

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