[links-list] Re: links still doesn't fill paragraphs to the screen's width!

Matt Ackeret mattack at area.com
Fri Jun 14 12:52:04 PDT 2002

On Fri, 14 Jun 2002 clock at atrey.karlin.mff.cuni.cz wrote:
>> If you are typing normally, with words, it will word wrap on word boundaries.
>> Butifyoutypeonereallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreally
>> reallyreallyreallylongword, it will actually word-wrap in the middle of
>> the word since it's IMPOSSIBLE to get that one word on one line.
>> In general, I am very much for following the standards.  But there
>> are *some* times when I think that the standards can be _optionally_ broken
>> for actual usability.
>I rather _optionally_ break usability for actual standards.

Then you have a web browser that is NOT useful for real world web sites.

Again, I *wish* everyone would follow the standards, but because there
are so many damn broken web pages out there, if you want to *use*
them, browsers (meaning mostly non-IE browsers) have to make some
compromises.  Or else they're a less-than-fully-useful browser.

Actually, my biggest beef is with the USER_AGENT..  But I often have to
spoof it to get a site to work.   That's bad, but better than having to
actually SWITCH to using IE.   (Which I still have to do for a few sites,
especially because iCab [my chosen GUI browser] doesn't properly deal with
a few of the sites I go to, including some internal work sites..)

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