[links-list] AW: Re: links still doesn't fill paragraphs to the s creen's width!

Wed Jun 19 00:14:52 PDT 2002

> Van: 	Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters[SMTP:theweirdo at subdimension.com]
> Verzonden: 	19 juni 2002 08:54
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> Onderwerp: 	[links-list] Re: links still doesn't fill paragraphs to the
> screen's width!
> >>  is a bug in the standard. Its sole use is to allow web designers
> >>    
> >>
> >Bug in standard is a nonsense.
>   is a blemish, quirk, misfeature, ugly hack, and an overall sadistic
> entity
> of which I've seen no legitimate use throughout my years of web-
> browsing. The W3C made a mistake in including   in its standards.
Non breaking spaces were intended for things like 5 $, 20 kg or 200 MHz
where you don't 
want the symbol standing alone at the start of the next row, and I find it
quite useful. Of course no one can stop people from using it for other
purposes, but I wouldn't call that a bug in the standard!

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