[links-list] Re: 486 and links

root root at pb194.luban.sdi.tpnet.pl
Wed Jun 19 01:31:48 PDT 2002

> > 1) links can't display all jpegs.
> > this can be seen @
> Content-type: text/plain. It's correct behaviour, to display
> a broken image when the image is Content-type: text/plain.

unfortunatelly all other browsers recognize that by extension.
maybe it could be included in 'html options' menu?
i found that not only my page is incorrectly assembled.

> >
> > i ran links -g on 496 with 4M of ram.
> > had to disable dithering, use very small font...and...
> > still very, very slow.
> What is slow? The startup, or the operation?
startup and operation :> while you can't speedup startup much
(at least without fixing few kernel bugs) operation is unacceptably slow.
drawing each character on the screen takes up to 10 seconds,
and includes many, many moves of the hdd head.
once page is parsed it can be viewed quite quickly, altrough scrolling
is also unacceptably slow.

> Does it swap? I guess kernel takes about 1 or 2M, something take other
> programs, so that Links gets nothing.

there is about 500K for links. there is only kernel, and fosh.
no cron and such. standalone system.

i found out that this is problem with drawing routines,
because such things as opening menu , moving mouse, etc. require
swapping/or other i/o (probably reading some libs)

i'll try to link links statically and see if it helps a bit.

> Have you tried Mozilla on the system?

i tried links in text-mode. works quite smooth.

friend tried netscape 4 windows (with win 3.11) and worked on almost
same setup.

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