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Wed Jun 19 08:18:40 PDT 2002

On Wed, Jun 19, 2002 at 02:29:48PM +0000, root wrote:
> > > i'll try to link links statically and see if it helps a bit.
> >
> >      I belive that to link links statically won't help at all. On the
> > other hand have you stripped it? Maybe it's out of order, but a lot of
> > unstripped program contains only symbol tables.
> i tried. no help :p
> i stripped it in both cases
> >
> >      Maybe it would be a good idea to optimize Links during configuration.
> > Maybe you enabled graphics drivers you don't need... If you don't want
> > Javascript, you may configure Links without them, if you don't wanna use
> > SVGAlib, you may configure it out...
> as i said before - i optimized links for my system,
> only svgalib.
> >
> >      Personally I think, that problem is, that your machine is constantly
> > swapping. I have at home 486-machine with 16 MB, but I haven't tried Links
> > there as Linux on it is badly configured, it has very small disk and I
> > don't have Internet connection to it, but as you complaint, I'll try to
> > get some time to try wheter it's really so slow and what to do with it.
> swapping problem is quite solved since 2.4.19 is out. my machine
> swaps ofcourse, but it is not a reason to display page in 10 or so
> minutes.
> i also noticed that slowest part of links is graphics display, i ran it
> on 586 and this is the most time-eating thing.
> maybe links render graphics by putting pixels directly to screen using
> svgalib or xlib routine?


> it is kinda strange, because i can actually see how _every_ letter is
> drawed. it takes about 5-10 seconds to draw single letter. this is
> obviously a bug. maybe there is unoptimized routine of buffer ? like

What video mode do you use?

> table which hold display data is integer or even double integer, even if i
> set up lower depth ?
> maybe it is case of holding too large font in memory and then re-scaling

The font is held in a LRU font cache that is set up to fixed 2MB. You could
decrease this value. Look for "2000000".

> i guess it is single bug .

It's not a bug. Links is just built to provide highest fidelity graphics.
When you try to run it on a computer with negative value of memory, you can't
expect better performance than from programs that make the graphics sloppy.

I could do some optimizations there but have no time at the moment.

Karel 'Clock' Kulhavy
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