[links-list] Re: 486 and links

root root at pb194.luban.sdi.tpnet.pl
Wed Jun 19 12:45:59 PDT 2002

> > minutes.
> > i also noticed that slowest part of links is graphics display, i ran it
> What do you mean with graphics display?
displaying graphics. this includes putting fonts on, rendering boxes.
suprisingly displaying images takes very little time :)

> > on 586 and this is the most time-eating thing.
> > maybe links render graphics by putting pixels directly to screen using
> > svgalib or xlib routine?
> No, it writes directly to video memory.
hmm... so this is done really, really slow...

i ran links on p166 with slow ram - but lot of it... and it is also slow.

> > it is kinda strange, because i can actually see how _every_ letter is
> > drawed. it takes about 5-10 seconds to draw single letter. this is
> > obviously a bug. maybe there is unoptimized routine of buffer ? like
> > table which hold display data is integer or even double integer, even if i
> > set up lower depth ?
> I think your machine is too slow for 48bit gamma correction. Do you have
> FPU?

why the heck i need 48bit gamma correction while my display is 4 bit deep
it has FPU, and kernel is without math emulation support. it is 33mhz DX.

i'll download vmscan and try to observe what machine is actually doing,
but probably after upgrade to new kernel :)
right now the most annoying thing is lack of arrow and tab navigation...
with thoem i could disable gpm support and thus pointer - drawing
routine'll go away ...

> > maybe it is case of holding too large font in memory and then re-scaling
> > it? maybe it is fleaky 'proportional' font routine (i see no option to
> > disable variable width fonts and thus making rendering faster)
> >
> > maybe it is case of holding too many fonts and thus rendering page
> > requires gathering data from various places?
> Unused letters and fonts are swapped out.
hmm.. so only dithering routine left...
only one q : are bitmap fonts a lot larger and then rescaled to fit proper
size or are at all sizes, and then just or'ed in proper place in video

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