[links-list] Re: 486 and links

root root at pb194.luban.sdi.tpnet.pl
Wed Jun 19 17:39:17 PDT 2002

> > > I think your machine is too slow for 48bit gamma correction. Do you have
> > > FPU?
> > why the heck i need 48bit gamma correction while my display is 4 bit deep
> 4-bit mode is _EXTREMELY_ slow due to SVGAlib. Ask svgalib maintainer to
> write vga_drawscanline faster.
as i found out from their homepage they don't continue work on this
and i also don't expect miracle in this field, while links isn't stuck in
drawscanline routine except scrolling.
but scrolling could be done directly in video memory and
putting extra lines below/above. anyway - i know here won't be any

> They are rescaled from bitmaps 112 pixels high. The rescaler runs on an integer arithmetics
> however heavily uses one integer division per pixel.
> They are not ored with the video memory, they are just copied in place.

and thus i can see every letter drawed separatelly.
if bitmap could be 8 or 16 pixel high, and this operation could be done
during compile time this could be much faster!
not to mention bitmap could be not so big in width <>...

then routine enlarging 16x16 pixel bitmaps or 8x8 pixel bitmaps (ah...
second value is variable :D )
could be simple shifting routine instead of integer division...

then again... if unused fonts are easily swapped out, then
you could have 112 pix fonts too, so if cpu sucessfully rendered
whole page and there is no further user input of any kind,
 and user enabled this option in 'video settings', links could
try to overwrite every char using old - 'beautifull'
routine (with fixed font width too) and then - if there is time left
and variable width font _option_ (either in visual options menu or
during compile-time ) is enabled links could even try to
re-render whole page using variable width fonts, and rebuild display when
whole page is rendered ok. (it may be that variable width font rendering
could be done from end of the page, so no visible 'reformatting' will be
visible for user, except routine passing thru currently viewed page...
there is no need to go up any further.
if user'll scroll up, routine should simply continue going backwards.

also - fixed width font 'preview' of the page could be also an option
which could be disabled, if it happen for you that you have enough system
resources left to render pretty pages - enable. if it just slows down
system or eats your laptop battery for no reason - disable...

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