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Ludvik Tesar tesar at mee.tcd.ie
Wed Jun 26 15:36:39 PDT 2002

It might certainly be interesting to have "wget" as an option
in download dialog, but I would prefer not to have it as the default way
of downloading, because current downloading algorithm is good and it is
working and it would not be a good idea to fully depend on external


On Thu, 27 Jun 2002, root wrote:

> > What are other advantages of wget? If you're going to say 'resuming of
> > downloads', I think that deserves to be added to current download code rather
> > than jumping to wget from our already pretty good and evolved (and not so
> > problematic) download/networking code.
> well, you told about 'disk cache' recently... well.. wget have -r
> which means recrusive retrieval. proxy, recrusive, resuming, timeouts,
> retries, ssl support, has it own progress bars (:p
> timestamping, spidering, waiting before retrievals,
> passive ftp mode, download quota, limiting bandwidth usage...
> not to mention wget employs very good recrusive download algorithm.
> whole wget is 80K big (1.8.1)
> but i guess compiled without ssl support, help, and some more things it
> could be even smaller.
> > Naturally, as you don't use wget ;).
> i meant just a simple box for passing commands to wget (or 'download
> command % replaces with url' could be nice too)

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