[links-list] Re: missing

root root at pb194.luban.sdi.tpnet.pl
Sat Jun 29 17:39:17 PDT 2002

> > i noticed links doesn't use background image,
> Yes. Nice feature, isn't it?
oh, ok... i tried to parse my html sources for errors...

> > <meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="(value)">
> Tag is not ignored but represented as a link you may or may not
> follow. Try using back on a page where refresh is set to 0 seconds and
> you see that this is also a feature. Older Netscape Versions (Idon't
> Netscape any more) did crash due to such page-loops.

where is this link? 0 means disabled (this is for PHP generated refresh
values (i.e. pages containing screendumps) like 'infinity'.
if it is parsed i advocate for using it, because it renders 'poor man's
webcam' pages unuseable.
btw. if refresh is executed from this tag it would be nice if
links didn't really refreshed whole page (meaning re-parsing
file even if it is same on the server) but simply http re-getting all
files needed for page and 'refresh' only those which changed it's conted
(compared with memory-cache)

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