[links-list] Re: 486 and links

root root at pb194.luban.sdi.tpnet.pl
Sat Jun 29 23:51:09 PDT 2002

> i downsized fonts and removed some language support which i didn't needed.
> would be nice if language support file (index.txt) could be generated
> during compile time basing on language support enviroment setting
> and 'extra' language support could be included as --enable-nls-german
> for example.
> it is about 1.3M in it's size. didn't reduced font-cache yet,
> and i don't see much speed improvement for now... (fonts're 32 pixels
> high right now)
> (

i tried again to make 'english-only' and containing even smaller fonts
inside... also resized 'arrow' and alike in /graphics/ dir
so now arrow looks nice in 640x480.
whole binary is still 1.1M (which is 4x of original links size)

ok, now the problem.
while speedup is marginal (but there is !)
i found out that i can't point and set 'X' in setup boxes using new
small arrow...
while rest of selection works fine... i work-around this by
setting 'X' using arrow keys and pressing space :p

arrow needs few black points which i'll add later...

monospaced font looks a bit ugly right now, i'll add a screenshot l8tr,
coz i don't use X and GIMP now...

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