[links-list] Re: Deleting a line

Petr Baudis pasky at ucw.cz
Thu Nov 27 16:26:33 PST 2003

Dear diary, on Thu, Nov 27, 2003 at 07:45:47PM CET, I got a letter,
where Jirka Bohac <jbohac at jikos.cz> told me, that...
> > Introducing another shortcut doing that is then trivial.) It shouldn't
> > be hard to port this
> hmm, a feature I would _really_ appreciate would be launching an
> external $EDITOR to edit textareas... 
> I know Pasky hacked that into links a long time ago. Once I tried to
> port that patch to links-2.x, but I failed :/
> Has anyone had more luck doing something similar? Maybe I'll try again
> some time, because textareas are really painful in links :) Just don't
> want to re-invent the wheel.
> dd would have definitely solved the problem, if vim was launched on the
> textarea :)))

External editor support for textarea is THE _really_ dark spot, probably
the ugliest hack in ELinks. I did it initially just to have it
barely working, and hey, it doesn't even crash. But it is in strong need
of being redone properly. Basically, the problem with it is calling of
the external editor. Now, it works only on the master terminal, not on
the slaves connecting to it. This specifically needs to be fixed, that
will eliminate the terrible kludges and suddenly it will be much more

How to do it is left as excercice for the reader ;-).

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