patch for header bug in tiff-3.6.0

Kelledin kelledin+BLFS at
Sun Oct 5 08:52:06 PDT 2003

tiff-3.6.0 contains a bug in the tiffio.h header: it incorrectly 
uses the macro ORIENTATION_BOTTOMLEFT when it should use 

This error doesn't get caught in the tiff build because it only 
crops up when compiling with a C++ compiler.  It gets tripped 
when certain C++ apps (like kdelibs) try to build against 
libtiff.  In the case of kdelibs, it just means that a configure 
check will fail, and tiff support won't get built into kdelibs.

Patch attached.

"If a server crashes in a server farm and no one pings it, does 
it still cost four figures to fix?"
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