The style of description entries

Alexander E. Patrakov semzx at
Tue Oct 28 07:57:16 PST 2003

I had a private mail conversation with Bruce Dubbs, concerning my kdelibs-kate 
patch. The problem is that Bruce had trouble reproducing the bug because of 
incomplete description (two essential options were not mentioned). I said:

> BTW I think that I have to update the description in the patch. Could you 
> suggest a better wording, so that the problem would be indicated more 
> clearly?

Bruce quoted the current description text:
Fix the problem "Bug 55484 - Wordwrap doesn't respect
white space" . To reproduce: type words in Kate, until wordwrap happens
twice. Add a word to the first line. One of the spaces between
previously typed words disappears.
1) This patch should go into the book.
2) Watch for updated information at 
since this fix is not 100% correct.
(The bad thing in that description is that the state of "Enable word wrap"=On 
and "Keep extra spaces"=Off options required to reproduce the bug is not 

and then he suggested the following:

"Fix wordwrap problem in kate. See KDE bug 55484."

But currently we have in /patches/submit.html:

Description of what the patch does, links to more information related to the 
patch, etc. The more information you give to potential appliers of the patch, 
the better chance it has of being used. If you are modifying an existing 
patch, be sure to credit the original author.

That IMO contradicts Bruce's words. So what should be the description in my 
patch? Can we extend the above guidelines for the description entry in order 
to make such debates impossible?

Alexander E. Patrakov

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