cvs commit: patches/svgalib svgalib-1.9.18-demos_Makefile-1.patch

tushar at tushar at
Wed Oct 29 23:18:29 PST 2003

tushar      03/10/30 00:18:29

  Added:       svgalib  svgalib-1.9.18-demos_Makefile-1.patch
  Added Patch: svgalib-1.9.18-demos_Makefile-1
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  patches/svgalib/svgalib-1.9.18-demos_Makefile-1.patch
  Index: svgalib-1.9.18-demos_Makefile-1.patch
  Submitted by: Csaba Henk (ekho at
  Date: 2003-10-27
  Initial Package Version: 1.9.18
  Origin: Homebrew
  Description: This patch eliminates an inconsistency in the Makefile of svgalib
               demos, thus making it possible to compile the demos without
               systemwise installation of the shared libs. This situation occurs
               when you follow the svnc-thinclient hint; in fact, this patch is
               an attachment to the svnc-thinclient hint.
  diff -Naur old/svgalib-1.9.18/demos/Makefile svgalib-1.9.18/demos/Makefile
  --- old/svgalib-1.9.18/demos/Makefile	2003-10-04 10:47:22.000000000 +0000
  +++ svgalib-1.9.18/demos/Makefile	2003-10-26 20:24:49.000000000 +0000
  @@ -58,7 +58,7 @@
   	$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(LDFLAGS) -o linearspeed linearspeed.c memset.o $(LIBS)
   buildcsr: $(OBJS) mkcur.o
  -	$(CC) -o buildcsr $(OBJS) $(FLAGS) mkcur.o -lvgagl -lvga
  +	$(CC) -o buildcsr $(OBJS) $(FLAGS) mkcur.o $(LIBS) 
   clean:	cleanbin
   	rm -f .depend *.o *~ *.bak core

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