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Fri Jun 4 14:23:01 PDT 2004

jim         04/06/04 15:23:01

  Added:       fortune-mod fortune-mod-9708_ppcfix-1.patch
  Removed:     fortune-mod fortune-mod-9708-ppcfix-1.patch
  Naming Scheme Update
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  patches/fortune-mod/fortune-mod-9708_ppcfix-1.patch
  Index: fortune-mod-9708_ppcfix-1.patch
  Submitted By: Ken Moffat <ken at>
  Date: 2003-08-15
  Initial Package Version: 9708
  Origin: gentoo portage, rediffed to apply with -p1
  Description: allows `make install' to complete on ppc (e.g. iBook).
  Without this patch, building the offensive fortunes using `rot' to
  obfuscate the source text never finishes and uses increasing amounts
  of storage for it's output file (I killed mine after about 10 minutes
  and it was taking over 300MB).  With it, the build and install 
  completes in a few seconds.
   I'm surprised it was so hard to find this, because the source doesn't
  build on this platform with gcc-2.95.3 so it isn't exactly a new 
  diff -Naur fortune-mod-9708/util/rot.c fortune-mod-9708-new/util/rot.c
  --- fortune-mod-9708/util/rot.c	Mon Oct  2 03:34:08 1995
  +++ fortune-mod-9708-new/util/rot.c	Fri Aug 15 16:50:40 2003
  @@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
   int main(void)
  -    char a, b;
  +    short int a, b;
       while ((a = getchar()) != EOF)

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