patcheslist script

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Wed Jun 16 13:02:56 PDT 2004


Manuel has conjured up a script that will copy the patches for the
unstable version of the book into the correct directory on belgarath
(i.e. from /home/httpd/ to
/home/httpd/  It's
designed to make it easier to keep the patch download area in-sync with
the unstable version of the book, which can change fairly frequently. 
Hopefully it has the desired affect of lightening the load on the
website/patches maintainers!

The stylesheet (LFS/BOOK/stylesheets/patcheslist.xsl) needs to be
wrapped in a script which will be run as a cron-job (and hopefully as a
post-commit script once subversion is in use).  I don't think it
matters who the job is run by, as long as the copied files (both
source & dest) are readable by lfswww.  Jeremy - can you set the
cron-job & script up to run as my belgarath user please, unless anyone
responds to this saying it *does* matter who the script is run by.

Best regards,


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